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About Us

“Atithi Dewo Bhawa”, in Sanskrit, literally means Guest is God. This adage expresses Nepali cultural character since the time immemorial. This reflects age-long cultural characteristics of the Nepali civilization that derived its linguistic, religious and socio-cultural features from Sanskrit. In the bygone days when lodges and hotels were nonexistent, travelers all over the country used to stay at any house they came across when it was too dark to move further. The inmates of the house used to treat the stranger as God for they believed that the guest would bring good omen, blessing and happiness to the house he/she stayed overnight. The guest would be treated with respect and all sorts of hospitality so that he/she would go out well satisfied and would in return bestow blessings.

This tradition was so deeply imbedded in Nepali society that it formed a unique Nepali culture and today it has become a trait of Nepali hospitality. When hospitality is translated into profession, it becomes a tourism enterprise. Nepal and tourism industry are synonymous because of its glory in the world as the land of the highest peak, Mt. Everest and the birth place of the Apostle of Peace, Lord Buddha among countless Natural, Cultural and Adventure-based treasures spread all over the nation from east to west and north to south within the area of 147,181 sq. kms.